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Who are we?

Agashi is a web design company started up in 2000 with the goal of providing our clients: up-to-date web design services and dynamic online / internet presence, one that can actually generate business leads and bring your brand forward. Based in jakarta, employing indonesian web designers, handling projects of all scale and in various industries.

From a simple personal business profile for doctors, lawyers and professionals, to an easy-to-maintain online store, online wedding portfolio, photo image bank gallery, product database, comprehensive company profile, e-procurement systems, recruitment systems, custom CMS to an industry specific web application for a lubricant laboratory.

What exactly do we do here?


web design


  1. First, we analyze the traffic data and fame of your current site and that of your competitor's.
  2. Based on the analysis, we design a new site / theme / apllication and implement them for your business. Launch the site, tailor the content of your website according to your industrial keywords
  3. Measure traffic data, and return to phase one

These steps are the most necessary parts of all online businesses. Whether your company sell your products online or not, B2B or B2C, the website must be able to produce tangible marketing results.

Results include:

  1. Direct site visitor feedback via contact forms
  2. Likes and mentions
  3. Bookmark
  4. Inquiries
  5. Bookings / Purchases



Our Clients

Are mainly image-conscious corporates and retail product brands

venom audio
singapore kwetiaw kerang

For a complete list of our clients and portfolio, click here

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